Hemispheres was founded in 2014, bringing decades of wine experience to the industry. Hemispheres serves as an importer, wholesaler, and producer of premium wine.

Today, Hemispheres primarily focuses on meeting the needs of direct to consumer wine programs. We offer businesses unparalleled access to a large portfolio of the unique and hard-to-find wines that we source, produce, and import from the world’s finest vineyards

At all price points, our wines strike the perfect balance between remarkable value and exceptional quality. Each wine comes with a sense of history—from the region, to the winemaker, to the viniculture—no matter if it was sourced from a small, family-run winery or a major producer.

We partner with winemakers around the world to obtain exclusive U.S. rights to our wines. In France, one of our top partners is Bordeaux wine magnate Bernard Magrez. Magrez has had a successful 40-year career in the wine business, producing top-quality wines in his native Bordeaux, and innovating local winemaking in his properties around the world. Legendary for his excellent wines, Magrez has built on his dream, and now owns four Grand Cru Classé estates in Bordeaux, and more in France, Spain, Portugal, Chile, Argentina, Japan, Morocco, and California. In all of Magrez’s wineries, his attention to detail yields a selection of beloved wines.

Bernard Magrez is our source for a variety of excellent wine, like the La Référence line, which includes excellent Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Sauvignon Blanc. In addition, we are now offering a limited selection of Magrez’s premier estate Bordeaux, aged on-site at the châteaux where they were grown.

As a California winery, we also produce exceptional wines like the Stone & Glass line, which includes award-winning wines like five time medal-winning 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon and the triple medal-winning 2016 Chardonnay. Stone & Glass wines were developed to be true to the sun-drenched California vineyards where they are grown, and to be exciting to a wide variety of wine-lovers. These popular wines have won a lot of awards in different competitions, including a Silver at the Monterey International Wine Competition, Harvest Challenge and San Diego International as well as the outstanding Double Gold from the Indy International Wine Competition.